Friday, February 5, 2016

Deadpool spoilt by Lego set reveals

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds seems to be annoyed that leaked images of new Lego sets based on his soon to be released new movie have revealed crucial spoilers. So annoyed he tweeted pictures of those very sets himself. Two sets have been revealed, the first is presumably from the epic climax of the film, 6969 Deadpool Space Squid Shark Balloon Battle, in which Deadpool seems to be riding a pegasus to apprehend a high altitude balloon.

The other set, part of a Farm and Country sub-theme, is 2016 Deadpool Hot Dogs Moose and Owl, based on a more relaxing moment in the film.

If you hadn't twigged, neither of these are real! Just the latest example of Deadpool's wack-a-doodle marketing scheme, which has also seen an emoji poster, and romantic drama trailer, for this fourth-wall breaking super-hero film.

As best I can recall there has been just one real Deadpool Lego set, 6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown, released back in 2012.


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