Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Lego Movie second trailer, and more!

FThe second trailer has been released for The Lego Movie, and it's full of awesome:

I love everything about this! How EVERYTHING is made of Lego. How there are so many nods back to older Lego sets, and clever building techniques. How all the animation is done as if it were a real Lego stop motion. How Batman is so into himself and ever so slightly inept!

Continue after the jump for screencaps to scrutinise all the cool details. Plus a look at the teaser trailers that preceeded the release of this one!

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Maersk ship set revealed

Lego have announced the latest set in their decades long series of sets featuring vehicles from Maersk's transportation fleet. Having previously released lorries and trains, this time they're returning once more to the Maersk container ship, specifically the record breaking new Triple-E ship.

At a glance 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E is quite similar to the previous big ship set, 10152 Maersk Sealand Container Ship. But it is in fact a big upgrade; presented on a stand, the designers have been able to detail the entire hull, including two golden propellers. Unfortunately the unique Maersk blue colour isn't returning for this set but it does come with "boat loads" of azure blue, which is almost as good, as well as lots of dark red.

Other features include models of the ships engines, complete with a windowed section of the hull, allowing you to peer in to see them. Here's the designer video, which guides us round the set's features:

The Triple-E will be out in January. Continue after the jump for more photos (originally posted on Eurobricks):

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Theme Guide: Ninjago (2014)

Ninjago is back in 2014, and this time the ninjas have got problems with robots, or cyborgs maybe, called nindroids. The whole theme seems a bit more urban and techy now, which I suppose helps set it apart from the more nature-based Legends of Chima sets, while appealing to the same demographic. The ninjas all have messy hair now instead of wearing their usual headgear.

Eurobricks users The Creator and Duke have posted the images below, which continue after the jump:

70720 Hover Hunter
  • We've just got the back of the box image for this at the moment, but I think it gives a good enough idea of the set: Some sort of hover jet thing, with a nindroid, and the black ninja featuring a very nice torso print, which could have useful applications in many a historical MOC me thinks.
70721 Fighter Kai
  • A sleek red fighter jet, I think this is a step up from the previous Ninjago jet, 9442 Jay's Storm Fighter. Perhaps a bit more spaceship-like in its general design, which is fine by me. Nice new (I think) hair-piece on our red ninja too.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lego movie news

Lego is ramping up its cinematic efforts, with at least three films on the way now! In addition to The Lego Movie, a fictional adventure set in a multi-genre Lego world, coming early next year, Lego have now announced a new feature length Lego documentary, also set for release early in 2014. Film makers Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson are making Beyond The Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary, which will look at the history of Lego and Lego fans. The film's website promises it will exploring the following subjects:
• LEGO fan conventions and the booming world of AFOL

• Brick artists and LEGO Certified Professionals pushing the boundaries of expression

• The creation of the world’s largest LEGO installation — a life size X-Wing Starfighter model in Times Square

• FIRST® LEGO® League and introducing engineering to kids who otherwise wouldn’t know it

• A brief history of The LEGO Group

• Famous LEGO fans and how the bricks inspired them

Ultimately, Beyond The Brick: A LEGO® Brickumentary will go beyond an evaluation of this so-called toy and ask deeper questions about ourselves. Why do we build? How do codified systems enhance creativity? Does a finite system contain infinite possibilities? When is it time to stop playing?
In other Lego movie news, Hollywood Reporter has revealed Charlie Bean, director of the Tron: Uprising animated series, will be directing the forthcoming Ninjago movie. Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman will be writing the movie, following from the same role on the previous Ninjago animated series, while The Lego Movie's directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord will be producing, along side The Lego Movie's producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee.

Speaking of The Lego Movie, recently shipped versions of the 10232 Palace Cinema set have apparently (as reported by Brickset), featured an extra alternative movie poster for the cinema's frames, to promote the release of film: