Monday, December 29, 2014

Lego in the mood for love this Valentine's Day

New images of two romantically themed sets have appeared, continue below to check them out.

Lego have revealed their 2014 Valentine's Day set,  40120 (so far unnamed), which is a little minifigure marriage proposal scene; a window-side table at a restaurant, with a heart-topped bottle of something and a ludicrously scaled box to contain the ring. The set was discovered on the Lego image archive by Brickset.

Year of the sheep

The next year in the Chinese zodiac is the Year of the Sheep, and Lego have released a set to commemorate it. At least if you live in Japan they have, where you can find 40148 Year of the Sheep.

A Japanese website, Lego Train, posted the advert here, while a Brickset reader sent in images of the packaging (see after the jump), revealing how it comes with a gift envelope, ready to package the Lego set up with other new years presents.

This could well be the continuation of an annual tradition, following the release last year of 10250 Year Of The Snake.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Theme Guide: DC Comics Super Heroes (2015)

Page created 5th October 2014. Last updated 28th December 2014.

For the 2015 wave of DC Super Heroes Lego sets, the Justice League is being allowed a bit more into the spotlight, and although Batman (who has dominated the DC Super Heroes range so far) still features in three of the four regular retail sets, there is more space for other characters and not-bat-vehicles.

Four sets include a new "super jumper" part, which appears to be there to allow you to launch Batman, Superman, or whoever else you like, into flight.

Check out all the sets below. UPDATE: Extra sets and images below:

76028 Darkseid Invasion

As is quite typical of this wave of releases, this set features quite a varied assortment of characters (aesthetically at least, I've no idea about their in-universe affiliations), with the most eye-catching to me being Hawkman, whose feathery wings and winged-helmet I can see have some nice fantastical applications beyond the super-hero realm.

The centrepiece of the set is a big rather oddly proportioned jet, which seems to be facing off against what is basically a hovering turret.


    Friday, November 28, 2014

    Detective's Office

    Lego have announced the latest Creator Expert set, and the tenth set in the modular building series, and have really gone to town detailing this one, 10246 Detective's Office. The building is in fact multi-use, with the office taking up the first floor, opposite a period toilet, while below you'll find a pool hall and barber shop. The third floor has a kitchen and roof area, complete with skylight and water tower.

    As is customary in the modular building series, there are some really creative building techniques and parts use, including using Unikitty's tail element for architectural detailing, and making use of the new mini-ball hinges to hold up columns. There are new parts in the form of scissors and a large reflective mirror tile. Plus lots of great printed parts, including lots of newspapers, a dart board, and a brilliantly generic wanted poster, and the window of Ace Brickman's detective agency.. There are six minifigures, including the detective, a police-woman, and barber.

    Check out the designer video to see some of the highlights of the set, and the candy-smuggling narrative that ties everything together:

    Friday, November 21, 2014

    New Yoda Chronicles episode

    There's a new episode of the Lego Star Wars animation series The Yoda Chronicles on the way. Clash of the Skywalkers will see Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader dueling, with the usual Lego animation wit and silliness. Here's the description of the episode (via Ain't It Cool News):
    The enraged Emperor sends Darth Vader and his entire fleet to find and destroy Luke as revenge for his destruction of the Holocrons. Luke, however, finds inspiration from the last remaining Holocron -- a daring move pulled off years earlier by his father, Anakin. The emboldened Luke uses Anakin’s daring move to lure Vader and the Imperial Fleet into a trap that could turn the tide for the Rebellion… or lead to disaster.
    Unusually it appears the outcome of the confrontation is down to viewer preferences, as endings for both sides have been animated, to be broadcast as determined by social media votes.

    Several trailers have been released, check out more after the jump:

    Batman vs Superman

    I'm not all that knowledgeable about comic books, so when the new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced I was a bit perplexed: Aren't those both "good guys", how the heck could some guy with gadgets battle someone with actual super powers??

    Well, that's exactly what Brick Nerd has examined in this amusing new brick-film, Batman vs Superman. It's very well made, and done so with enough love put into it that it even has a poster, by Paul Lee.

    Monday, November 17, 2014

    Theme Guide: Minecraft minifigure scale sets

    Page created 31st August 2014. Last updated 17th November 2014.

    Following the successful series of "Microworld" sets based on Minecraft, Lego are expanding their range this year, with larger minifigure scale sets. There are six sets in the range, including various settings from the game, featuring an assortment of Minecraft-style minifigures, animals, and accessories.

    Lego and Minecraft and bound by the core concept of building things, and these sets all come not just with a set of instructions for the featured design, but inspiration for other builds too. They are also highly modular, meaning sets can be both easily rearranged within themselves to create different scenes, and connected together to create a large Lego Minecraft world.

    The aesthetic of Minecraft is very blocky, which translates well into Lego form, although perhaps ironically makes the sets seem more simple than most modern Lego designs - In many ways these are very pure Lego sets; few embellishments, and lots of basic bricks. Even if you're not familiar with Minecraft there are interesting parts and designs to be found in the range. Continue below for a look at each set - As someone who's never played the game I'll be examining them purely as Lego sets.

    UPDATE: Now with lots more images!

    21114 The Farm

    This outdoor location comes with a pen for keeping the included cow and sheep in, plus a small grassy area, waterfall, and tree. I really like the blocky tree design, and would find that quite acceptable in any Lego environment.

    The animals feature a new cube-head brick, and a different cube is used as the head for the included minifigures, as well as the pumpkin.

    There are a couple of new Minecraft-styled accessories included, a spade, and a bow and arrow. This also looks like quite a good sets for plant-parts, with several large leafy plants, flower-style studs, and carrot tops (including a few for the first time in a light orange colour).

    Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet

    21115 The First Night

    Green and brown are again dominate colours in this little house set, which hinges open to reveal the interior. This set also has an animal pen, this time holding a pig, while Steve is able to roam free, with his sword or axe, and meet the Creeper.
    There's another tree in this set, which this time is part built from transparent-green bricks.

    The Creeper is an interesting construction, featuring a single part making it's legs and body, with tiles attacked to bulk it out, and the Minecraft head cube on top. It will be interesting to see if the central component to that has potential for use other than a Creeper body.

    Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet.

      Saturday, November 15, 2014

      Natural History Museum and other projects get to Ideas review

      The Natural History Museum modular building project on Lego Ideas has become the latest to reach the ten-thousand supporter mark, and therefore qualify for the next Lego review period, where it will be considered for production as a real set. The beautiful build is based on the iconic Natural History Museum in London, featuring many of it's most famous exhibits, including Dippy the diplodocus, the huge redwood sample, and the statue of Charles Darwin. The creator of the project, tjspencer1, recently updated the project with a slightly smaller version (pictured), bringing it in line with the piece count of existing modular building sets.

      I'm normally pretty sceptical of huge projects on Ideas. But I love this design, and given it would fit in so well with the other modular building sets, I really hope Lego consider going ahead with it.

      Several other projects have also reached the ten-thousand mark since I last updated on Ideas, when the Marvel Helicarrier project became the first to enter the latest review period. Continue after the jump for a look at the other recent successes:

      The Lego Movie 2 to feature more female characters

      Good news for equality in the Lego-verse, The Lego Movie 2 is set to feature more female characters! In a recent interview with the BBC, the writers and directors of The Lego Movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller commented on their efforts to have a bit more gender balance in the next chapter, with Miller noting:
      I don't want to give spoilers but there will be more female characters and more female stuff.
      Lord put it this way:
      It's important to us that the movie plays broadly and that we inspire young women as much as we inspire young men.
      Lord also expressed a feeling the film culture is finally moving in the direction of better gender representation:
      You can feel that the whole movie culture is now starting to wake up to the fact that half the audience are women. Frozen is reflective of that - and I think we are all going to find a great flourishing of women film makers and subject matter in the future.
      Whatever the inspiration, sounds like a good move to me! I wonder if the Ninjago and Batman Lego movies that are set for release before The Lego Movie 2 will also manage to incorporate more female characters.

      Friday, November 14, 2014

      How The Lego Movie should have ended

      How It Should Have Ended and Brotherhood Workshop have teamed up to make several alternative endings for The Lego Movie. The latest looks at the love triangle between Batman, Wyldstyle, and Emmet, aka Starlord!

      The previous two videos pock fun at at the ending of the film, and are equally as amusing. Check them out after the jump:

      Lego particle accelerator

      Check out this really impressive working Lego particle accelerator, doing important work to help Lego scientists understand the fundamental building blocks of the universe:

      This delightful ball spinning-build is by JK Brickworks. And you should definitely check out their blog and youtube channel, they have many other equally impressive and creative builds.

      Amazing Lego Doctor Who animation

      Might we get Lego Doctor Who sets? The jury is literally still out, as two Doctor Who projects are still under review on Lego Ideas. Until then, here's an awesome animation by Robert Medina, showing how wonderful a Lego Doctor Who could be. This is the regeneration scene of the most recent Doctors, complete with a gloriously Lego way of changing appearance:

      Hopefully this is exactly what we'll see in a future Lego Doctor Who video game, made like the good old days when the video game minifigures only mumbled and grunted!

      Medina also made a Lego version of the teaser trailer for the newest Doctor. Check that out after the jump:

      Wednesday, November 12, 2014

      Justice League vs Bizarro League

      News of another Lego DC Comics Super Heroes animation has surfaced. Coming early next year is Justice League vs Bizarro League. A post on the forums has revealed the bluray packaging, and the Batzarro minifigure that will be included.

      If the trailer is anything to go by, the title might be misleading, as the Justice League and Bizarro League appear to be working side by side against the malicious forces of Darkseid.

      UPDATE: ToonBarn have revealed further contents from this release. In addition to the main animation the disc will also included another recent animation, Batman Be-Leaguered (see previous report for a trailer). There will also be a blooper reel, and a featurette exploring Bizarro.

      UPDATE 2: Amazon have now put up a listing for this, including another image, showing the full bluray cover (without the minifigure packaging), and the Batzarro minifigure loose. Check it out after the jump:

      Saturday, November 8, 2014

      The Lego Movie at Christmas in new Sky Movies advert

      Tis the season for making showy adverts, fa la la, la la la, la la la. And one of those adverts comes from Sky Movies, who introduce us to a Christmas family, before taking them on a movie adventure, transforming them as they go into the worlds of The Muppets, The Amazing Spider-Man, Frozen, and most importantly, The Lego Movie. Check it out:

      An impressive job Sky! Continue after the jump for some stills from the Lego section, which gives us a glimpse at Christmas time in the world of The Lego Movie:

      Two new Lego Ideas sets on the way

      The Lego Ideas have team have announced the outcome of the first 2014 review period, and decided two of the six projects that got to the ten-thousand mark will be going into production, with another two still under consideration.

      The two sets that have made it already are The Big Bang Theory, and the Lego Bird Project. The two sets both still being considered are both based on Doctor Who (fingers crossed they make it later). Here's the announcement video:

      Continue after the jump for a look at the projects that will become these two new sets:

      Saturday, October 25, 2014

      Watch Your Step

      Here's a poster that anyone with even just a few Lego bricks in their home should probably display, lest a visitor fall victim to the most painful experience known to humanity:

      Watch Your Step, by John Lucke is available as a poster from TeeFury.

      Wednesday, October 15, 2014

      Batman movie, and more new Lego screen productions

      Love the deadpan, bat-punning, too cool Batman of The Lego Movie? Well good news, forget all the big live-action Batman movies, the future of this character lies in a new Lego movie, Lego Batman, which will see Will Arnett reprising his role from The Lego Movie.

      According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new film in the developing Lego movie franchise is being fast-tracked into production, and is set to be the third Lego movie, due for release in 2017, after the Ninjago movie in 2016. As a result The Lego Movie 2 will likely be pushed back to later than the originally planned 2017 release.

      Chris McKay, the animation supervisor on The Lego Movie, is set to direct a screenplay by Seth Grahame-Smith. Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller, will be producing, in their roles overseeing the Lego movie franchise.

      If 2017 seems a long way off, fear not, as Lego Batman is also returning to the small screen in the coming weeks, in a new one-off animation, Batman Be-Leaguered, which as the name implies, also features various Justice League characters. Here's the blurb (via Comic Book Movie):
      Batman prides himself on being a loner, a totally self-sufficient one-man-band. Just ask anyone; Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Alfred… anyone. So, he is understandably irritated when his nightly cleanup of Gotham City villains is interrupted by Superman, who pesters Batman to join his new superhero team, The Justice League. After Batman makes it quite clear to the Man of Steel that his invitation has been declined, Superman flies off disappointed… whereupon he is overcome with a strange energy and vanishes!

      This new animation looks to be in the same vein as the previous Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite, and is also set for release just in time to support the release of the third Lego Batman video game. Continue after the jump for a look at the trailer for this, plus even more news of Lego on TV:

      Monday, October 6, 2014

      Theme Guide: Speed Champions

      Coming in 2015 is a new race-car theme from Lego, Speed Champions. Like previous Ferrari sets, these take a real-world angle on racing, with representations of real cars. This time though we get a few other cars brands aside from the red ones. Continue below for a look at the range (complete with my car-ignorant commentary) (images via just2good).

      75899 LaFerrari
      • So we have a red car!The first of four similar sized individual car sets, this one comes with a traffic light too.

      75908 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 
      • Another red car, and contender for most graphically dense Lego set ever! So many logos and markings on this one!

      Thursday, October 2, 2014

      Designing the Lego Technic Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

      Volvo have released some behind the scenes information looking at how Lego and Volvo worked together to create the largest set in the 2014 Technic range, 42030 Remote-Controlled Volvo L350F Wheel Loader, and the alternate build, the A25F articulated hauler. The set apparently includes the largest Lego part ever created; the huge bespoke scoop of the loader, which is modelled exactly on the real vehicle, right down to the molded Volvo logos.

      The video below explores how the Lego Technic team select their subjects, and then how Lego designers and Volvo engineers worked together to bring this set to life:

      And here are both models from the set, and their real world counterparts:

      Continue after the jump for a closer look at the final set:

      Tuesday, September 30, 2014

      Theme Guide: The Lego Movie (2015)

      I'm glad to see that 2015 will continue to deliver sets based on The Lego Movie, as the film still has lots of potential for sets - They could mine it for eternity considering how many Lego models there were within it! The three sets coming in the winter wave are all quite small scale, ideal ways to collect the main characters if the larger sets in the second wave of 2014 sets are a little too pricey for you.

      Continue below for a look at each set. (Images first revealed by Youtuber just2good):

      70818 Double Decker Couch
      • One of the most iconic designs in The Lego Movie - Ok, that might be overstating it, but the double-decker couch is certainly memorable. I'd have loved an all-clear version from the Emmet mind-meld scene, but any version is pleasing. This has already appeared in the much larger 70810 Metal Beard's Sea Cow, so this is the more accessible version, this time coupled with Emmet's car and a jumble of characters from the film, including ghost Vitruvius!

      Monday, September 29, 2014

      Bionicle 2015 concept art

      Bionicle is back next year, with new characters sporting new masks. The Bionicle Facebook page has released a series of artwork and behind the scenes imagery showing what goes into the development of just one mask. Continue below to see the Mask of Creation take shape:

      New mini modulars at Toys'r'us

      In 2012 Lego released a set of mini versions of the big modular building sets, rescaling the first five buildings in the series down to tiny proportions. This year a similar effect has been used for a series of four buildings, available exclusively at Toys'r'us' for their Bricktober promotion.

      While the new mini buildings reflect some of the same building types as the larger modular building sets, this time they are not really miniaturised versions of other sets, just generic smaller buildings. Included in the series is a cinema, pizzeria, fire station, and city hall, each set also comes with a couple of small vehicles to populate the streets of the tiny city.

      Continue after the jump for a look at all four (images via Lego on Facebook):

      Latest Shell promo sets

      Lego have been working with the oil company Shell to produce promotional sets since way back in the 1960s. There have been regular releases ever since, and this year those come in the form of seven new polybag sets, available with purchases of Shell products. The promotion is expected to run in several countries, starting in Singapore a few weeks ago. Four cars, a podium/finish line, service station, and a tanker are on offer, with each set available for a limited period of time over consecutive fortnights, with the exception of the tanker, which is available by a different promotion (which varies from country to country).

      Continue after the jump for a look at each set:

      40190 Ferrari F138