Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Review: Lego 21319 Friends: Central Perk

Originally released in 2019 thanks to a successful Lego Ideas pitch, 21319 Central Perk(ad link) brings to life the iconic and nostalgic coffee shop from the Friends sitcom (rather then the Friends Lego theme marketed towards girls!).

Friends originally ran through basically my entire childhood in the 90s. So while I was a bit young to fully get it from the start, it was a familiar part of the TV world through most of my life, and a series I've watched through at least a couple of times now and really enjoy. Ie. This definitely hits the nostalgia button for me!

That aside, I think it's simply a very good set, with great minifigures, a pleasing and diverse range of parts in nice colours, and a great display piece. Continue below for my further thoughts and lots of images!

Sunday, April 28, 2024

MOC: Venusian Balloon

This is a MOC I made recently for the Lego Ideas challenge Exploring the Cosmos. The challenge requested either a space inspired vehicle or base. I quickly landed on the idea of wanting to do something atmospheric, as I like the idea of alien life maybe being buoyant creatures existing in the upper atmosphere of Venus, or within the vast cloudy environs of the gas giants! 

I could have taken that exploration down the base path, with some sort of floating observation platform or city, but as someone who has long held a fascination with airships as a form of transport, I thought a balloon based vehicle would be fun to play with.

Here's my little blurb from the original Ideas submission, which outlines the world this vehicle exists in, and what it can do:

An airship for scientists travelling between the floating research bases in the high semi-habitable layers of the atmosphere of Venus! While the surface of Venus is inhospitable due to high temperature, pressure, and acidity, higher altitudes provide a climate similar to Earth. This balloon is used to travel between the floating bases established to allow scientists to explore the planet from this safer environment, and if lucky, to catch sight of rare flying creatures that were found to also inhabit this gentler part of Venus.

The build includes a balloon with adjustable propellers to steer and move. The one-person capsule suspended below gives the pilot views of the cloudy world and the strange creatures that live around them. The seating and control section of the capsule is connected with a single stud to make it easy to position the pilot inside, while one side of the capsule hinges open to allow this.

Also included is a cloudy stand, and one of the Venusian aliens.

Continue after the jump to check out more of the design:

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Review: Lego 40588 Flowerpot

This cute set, 40588: Flowerpot(ad link) was available in 2023 through several gift with purchase promotional periods from's shop. I picked up a copy second hand more recently.

While not officially marketed as part of the Botanicals Collection, it is very much in that style, and surely would feel missing from anyone collecting that range. It's also a great parts pack, with nice quantities of appealing and unusual elements. Continue below for my thoughts...

The Brickverse returns!

I'm back! After not posting for almost a decade I've decided to revive The Brickverse to share reviews on Lego sets old and new, and some of my own MOCs. Plus maybe any other exciting Lego things that catch my eye. Look out for new posts coming soon!