Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brick Like Me, the Lego Simpsons episode

This weekend will see the first airing in the US of Brick Like Me, a special Legofied episode of The Simpsons. Ahead of the release there's lot of promotion about, giving us a look at the Lego version of Springfield, and a somewhat frustrating vision of what The Simpsons characters look like as proper Lego minifigures - Not the molded head creations that have made it into production in the Lego The Simpsons range (oh how I long for a Marge Simpson hair-piece I could use on any minifigure).

The episode appears to take place in version of Springfield where being made of Lego is the norm. Through interesting with a Friends-esque construction set, Perky Patty's Princess Shop, Homer starts to revert to his normal 2D animated self.

Here are two trailers. The shorter first one highlights some of the Lego Movie-style humour, while the second longer trailer is more dramatic:

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