Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lego CUUSOO: One in, one out.

A new Lego CUUSOO proposal has reach the required 10000 supporters required to be considered for production. This time it's a spaceship from EVE. From now on CUUSOO are doing quarterly reviews of successful sets, so they wont be deciding on this one until June; along with any other ideas that make the number by then. The Back to the Future DeLorean proposal is already very close.


Meanwhile the last idea to get to 10000 has not past approval. Lego have deemed The Winchester from Shaun of the Dead inappropriate for their core target audience of children.

All my CUUSOO focus is currently on this amazing Jurassic Park idea. While it has barely any support so far I think it's fantastic, and representing such an iconic scene in cinema history is surely deserves a shot. So go support it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The latest exclusive and promotional Lego sets

In my attempts to keep up to date on all the Lego sets that are to exist I have got a bit behind with the odd promotional and exclusive sets. So here's a little catch up:

The big news, a couple of months ago, was that the first Lego CUUSOO proposal in the international version of the platform got to the 10000 vote mark, and was oked by the Lego team. Coming some time this summer will be a Lego set based on the game Minecraft:

21102 Minecraft Micro World

There are a couple of Lego shop at home special sets on the way too. Here's a video with the designers of the big new R2-D2 set:

10225 R2-D2

The other is their latest aircraft sculpture; a new Sopwith Camel, a sequel of sorts to the previous 2001 edition.

10226 Sopwith Camel

Also in the more specialist arena is the latest set in Lego's Architecture range: Big Ben. This one should be out just in time to cash in on extra British tourism for the Olympics. I'd rather have the entire Palace of Westminster though; looks a bit odd just chopping off the end bit.

21013 Big Ben

Also targeting tourists is a new airline promotional set, a neat little glider to add to your city airport. These are currently available from Virgin Atlantic and TUIfly.

4442 Glider

Getting even more exclusive, there's a special mini Statue of Liberty set available from the New York Lego store, and several newly opening Lego stores have had limited supplies of Lego Store Lego sets:

40026 Statue of Liberty
3300003 Brand Retail Store

Also exclusive to Lego stores, as well as Lego's online shop, will be two promotional minifigures with purchases of Star Wars and Super Heroes sets, during in promotional periods:


Already out in the wild is a special Darth Maul minifigure, so far made available at the New York Toy Fair and Legoland Windsor:

Darth Maul
At some point there is also to be a single figure release of the Ninjago minifigure Rattla. (I'm hoping this will be a release I can get hold of as it's a figure I really like for it's Stargate Jaffa looks, but comes in sets I'm not interested in)

30088 Rattla

Finishing off the minifigure releases, there has also been a pack of firefighters at bulk out your city team:

853378 Firefighters

Finally there have been a few seasonal releases for Easter and Valentine's Day, plus there's a tiny cake due at some point:

40029 Valentine's Day Box
40030 Duck with Ducklings
40031 Bunny and Chick
40048 Birthday Cake

Meet the Monster Fighters

Lego has launched its website for the forthcoming Monster Fighters range, which includes this fun little video introducing the story of the theme and all the characters: