Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lego CUUSOO: One in, one out.

A new Lego CUUSOO proposal has reach the required 10000 supporters required to be considered for production. This time it's a spaceship from EVE. From now on CUUSOO are doing quarterly reviews of successful sets, so they wont be deciding on this one until June; along with any other ideas that make the number by then. The Back to the Future DeLorean proposal is already very close.


Meanwhile the last idea to get to 10000 has not past approval. Lego have deemed The Winchester from Shaun of the Dead inappropriate for their core target audience of children.

All my CUUSOO focus is currently on this amazing Jurassic Park idea. While it has barely any support so far I think it's fantastic, and representing such an iconic scene in cinema history is surely deserves a shot. So go support it!

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