Friday, March 8, 2013

Theme Guide: The Lone Ranger

Page created 8th March 2013. Last updated 10th April 2013.

On the way this summer is the new The Lone Ranger theme, based on the Disney movie, itself based on the classical radio/TV/film serials. Eurobrick's GRogall has now released high res images of the sets in the theme, allowing a close look at what's to come.

A little like the Prince of Persia and Pirates of the Caribbean sets before, I think these sets will be highly enjoyable whether you care for the film or not, because they give us a whole load of new themed sets, in this case wild west! Perhaps one of the best themes in all Lego history, Western sets first appeared from 1996-1997. Then there was nothing until a few re-issues in 2002, a couple of old-west style sets in the Toy Story range, and a smattering of wild west characters in the Collectable Minifigures series. In all that time Lego has developed a much large pallet of parts and colours, and willingness to create new parts, so these new sets, many not dissimilar to the classic Lego Western sets, are significant improvements on the old sets, with much more detailed designs, and new features.

Lets have a look at the sets (continues after the jump):

UPDATE: Alternative images, showing details of the play features in each set, have now been released. See them here.

79107 Comanche Camp
  • One of the icons of the the classic Western range makes a return in this set, the Native American teepee. Teepees appear in three of the classic line, this small set is most like 6746 Chief's Tepee, with the teepee being the main feature of the set along side a few extra bits. It appears they have opted to use plastic rather than fabric for the actual teepee, which I think is unfortunate as it doesn't have the same natural look to it, but the printed designs are pretty nice.
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79110 Silver Mine Shootout
79108 Stagecoach Escape
  • Lego haven't done a western style stagecoach before, and they've really excelled themselves with this debut! If you squint this bares a bares a passing resemblance to the Kingdoms set 7188 King's Carriage Ambush (which has awesome gold wheels), but this new stagecoach is so much more detailed! Flip side of that detail is it seems a bit huge compared to the (three!) horses in the set. Also check out another brilliant new female hair-piece.
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79111 Constitution Train Chase
  • A little like 7597 Western Train Chase in the Toy Story range, this set takes that train, makes it look more "real" and detailed, and the result is pretty darn impressive! Unlike that previous set, this one comes with a ring of track, as well as an exploding rock, and collapsing water-tower, both with slots to put your Lego dynamite in, neat!
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79109 Colby City Showdown
79106 Cavalry Builder Set
30260 Lone Ranger's Pump Car
  • Little promo set. We've had a "pump car" promo set before, in the form of 2585, which came with the game Lego Loco. This new version is quite a significant improvement on that design!
30261 Tonto's Campfire
  • Another little promo set, with a camp-fire, maybe a camping buddy for Woody in the Toy Story promo set 30072.
Images sources: Eurobricks, Toys N Bricks.


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