Saturday, June 29, 2013

First look at Back to the Future set

The latest Lego Stores' calendar-leaflet has been released, which includes the first image released of the forthcoming Lego Cuusoo Back to the Future Delorean set:

BrickNews have also released a document which has more images of the set, including a glimpse at the box, and the minifigures included. The document also reveals that, like the original Cuusoo project proposal, the set with include parts and instructions to build three versions of the Delorean, representing it's look from each of the films in the Back to the Future trilogy:

Here are the three originally proposed versions of the set. As you can see, while it's pretty close to the submitted designs, there have been some tweaks. Notably the mechanism for turning the wheels has been changed, and looks much neater as the result. The bonnet design is also different, and while it doesn't look as smooth, it probably does allow a more stable build when adding the module on the front of the third version.

The Delorean will be available from Lego stores and online in July.