Saturday, December 28, 2013

Theme Guide: Mixels

Mixels is a new animated series co-developed between Lego and the Cartoon Network. The first Lego sets are expected to be released in March 2014. Each of the sets will be one Mixels character, each with a colour-scheme and theme based on a natural element.

Common between all the sets are lots of the new ball-hinge parts, as well as many other clip joints. All the characters also seem to have big googly eyes, either printed on balls, or round plates. Teeth and claw parts are also quite common, along with more unusual and visually distinctive parts such as flames and lightning.

The first wave of nine sets includes three sets of three characters which appear to be based on fire, rock, and electricity. The three sets for each element can be combined to create a larger character to represent each theme.

Here are the sets in wave one (packaging images via Hoth Bricks), the guide continues after the jump:

41500 Flain

41501 Vulk

41502 Zorch

41503 Krader

41504 Seismo

41505 Shuff

41506 Teslo

42507 Zaptor

41508 Volectro

Here's a page from a Lego catalogue, illustrating how each of the three characters for an element can combine into a larger design:


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