Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Mindstorms alternative builds

With EV3, the third generation of Lego's Mindstorms robotics system, due out next month, Lego have announced the new set will feature twelve additional builds, alongside the five models detailed in the box. Instructions for the twelve alternative designs, which have been created by members of the Mindstorms fan community, will be available to download once the EV3 is launched. Robot Squared posted images of each of the alternate designs, check them out (continues after the jump):

EL3CTRIC GUITAR, by Daniele Benedettelli - Play music (with the sensor slider I guess)

BOBB3E, by Kenneth Madsen - A forklift truck

EV3D4, by Vassilis Chryssanthakopoulos - A little Star Wars inspiration

DINOR3X, by Lasse Lauesen - A robot-triceratops

EV3MEG, by Martijn Boogaarts - Follows lines

KRAZ3, by Marc-André Bazergui

MR. B3AM, by Kenneth Madsen - Sorts Lego beams

PLOTT3R, by Ralph Hempel - Draws letters

WACK3M, by Martijn Boogaarts - A game

EV3GAME, by Ricardo Oliveira - Another game, follow the red ball

ROBODOZ3R, by Mark Crosbie

RAC3R, by Laurens Valk

And if you're curious here are the official images of the set:

Plus a video demonstrating the robots in action:

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