Monday, October 6, 2014

Theme Guide: Speed Champions

Coming in 2015 is a new race-car theme from Lego, Speed Champions. Like previous Ferrari sets, these take a real-world angle on racing, with representations of real cars. This time though we get a few other cars brands aside from the red ones. Continue below for a look at the range (complete with my car-ignorant commentary) (images via just2good).

75899 LaFerrari
  • So we have a red car!The first of four similar sized individual car sets, this one comes with a traffic light too.

75908 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 
  • Another red car, and contender for most graphically dense Lego set ever! So many logos and markings on this one!
75909 McLaren P1
  • A yellow car! With excellent use of a snowboard too.
75910 Porsche 918 Spyder
  • And a grey car, of all the ones presented here, this one seems like it could fit in an everyday street scene most comfortably.
75911 McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop
  • Another grey car, with a pit stop this time. This particular car seems a lot blockier than the very sleek and curvy forms of the others in the series.
75912 Porsche 911 GT Finish Line
  • Two cars in this one! But forget them, this set is exciting for the plethora of printed tiles with flags on! Also included is one of only two female minifgures in the theme.
75913 F14-T and Ferrari Truck
  • And finally something Lego has done a couple of times before (8185 and 8654) a Ferrari Truck. Not only do we get the truck and race car, but also one of those cool retro scooters.


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