Thursday, July 4, 2024

Lego animals: Hungarian Horntail dragon

Here's a look at what I think is a particularly good Lego molded dragon, the Hungarian Horntail from the Harry Potter set 4767 Harry and the Hungarian Horntail(ad link).

This species of dragon has appeared in several sets now, but other versions are brick built, while this one is made up from just a few specialist molded parts. While I of love building an animal, I have a real soft spot for pre-formed Lego animals, and as dragons go this one is especially satisfying, as despite  single large part making up the body, it's still quite posable, and really fun to swoosh! 

The dragon is made up from twenty-seven parts, including the two flames that attach below it's nostrils. The body piece, with fixed position legs makes up the bulk of it, and it balances extremely stably on those big unmoving feet. The pose gives it an intimidating stance in a standing position, but also when flying the elongated body still feels dynamic and lively.

The upper part of the head hinges open to give it more expressiveness, and the two old-school flames with the narrow pin attachment clip in inside the mouth. Fragile as those old flame pieces are, neat little attachment options like this are much missed from the modern counterpart.

The wings attach via a small assembly of click-hinges and technic parts, giving some potential to modify the shaping of the anatomy if you so desired. And the wings themselves area very nicely chosen bit of duel colour marbled molding, with the brown forward section and trans-brown skins towards the back, giving them a lovely translucency that really sells them being a thin skin. They also feature two tan banana claws, which are a comical part choice, but do work!

The tail is made up of three parts  commonly used for animal tails, plus a less common barb piece at the end, which gives lots of rotational posing options too. 

The wings along with the barbed tail piece have also been used in other colours in several other older Lego dragons.

Lego dragons are very common these days in many different themes and sets. So while this might not be one of the most magnificent or even poseable ones, it has a certain restraint and elegance in it's simplicity I really enjoy. A good dragon! 

I actually took these photos at request of someone on Bricklink, where I have one for sale! So do check out my store, Galaxy Collector, if you're UK based and fancy picking one up. Alternatively you can look for the complete 4767 Harry and the Hungarian Horntail on eBay(ad link) or elsewhere, although it is alas quite pricey these days thanks to both this one-of-kind dragon and some unusual magnetic parts used in the set.

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