Monday, September 1, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope gets to Lego Ideas review

One more Lego ideas project has made it too the review stage, just in time to make it into the latest review period, which has just closed tonight. The Hubble Space Telescope is one of eight projects that will now be considered for production as a real Lego set.

The space telescope project is for a minifigure scale version of one of the most well known and influential spacecraft in the skies. Given Lego Ideas has already given us the Hayabusa and Curiosity Rover as sets, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of another space science project getting through the review - Especially as it's such an iconic subject, and so perfectly timed for Hubble's twenty-fifth birthday next year.

Pictured above is the first version of Gabriel Russo's proposed model, while below is the more recent update of the model, which has a smoother finish, and is a bit smaller too. Even if Lego made is smaller still (it's quite big as proposed), if they went for the metallic finished of the latter version of the model, that would be a very tempting set for parts alone!

Continue after the jump for a reminder of the other projects that will be considered in this review period:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Theme Guide: Minecraft minifigure scale sets

Following the successful series of "Microworld" sets based on Minecraft, Lego will be expanding their range later this year, with larger minifigure scale sets. Six are planned, including various settings from the game, and assortment of Minecraft-style minifigures, animals, and accessories.

Lego and Minecraft and bound by the core concept of building things, and these sets all come not just with a set of instructions for the featured design, but inspiration for other builds too. The aesthetic of Minecraft is very blocky, which translate well into Lego form, although perhaps ironically makes the sets seem more simple than most modern Lego designs. Even if you're not familiar with Minecraft there are still interesting parts and designs to be found in the range. Continue below for a look at each set - As someone who's never played the game I'll be examining them purely as Lego sets:

21114 The Farm
  • This outdoor location comes with a pen for keeping the included cow and sheep in, plus a small grassy area, waterfall, and tree. I really like the blocky tree design, and would find that quite acceptable in any Lego environment.

    The animals feature a new cube-head brick, and a different cube is used as the head for the included minifigures, as well as the pumpkin that is included.

    There are a couple of new Minecraft-styled accessories included, a spade, and a bow and arrow. This also looks like quite a good sets for plant-parts, with several large leafy plants, flower-style studs, and carrot tops (including a few for the first time in a light orange colour).

21115 The First Night
  • Green and brown are again dominate colours in this little house set, which hinges open to reveal the interior. This set also has an animal pen, this time holding a pig, while Steve is able to roam free, with his sword or axe, and meet the Creeper.

    I'll be most interested to see how the Creeper is built, as it has a cube-head piece on top, tiles on either side, and distinctive feet. The part that holds all that together could be very interesting!

2015 Lego set rumours

Page created 15th August 2014. Last updated 31st August 2014.

Rumours are starting to surface of sets to come in 2015 and late 2014. I shall be updating this article as more news comes.

First up, new themes! Neoape has reported lists for several completely new lines for 2015:

Jurassic World
Well this one was a surprise, and one I was pretty sceptical about when rumours first started to surface - You see just last year it was announced Hasbro had secured the Jurassic Park construction toy license, ready to produce sets for the then untitled fourth Jurassic Park film, which we now know will be Jurassic World. Hasbro's Lego knock-off, Kre-O, has yet to deliver any legacy Jurassic Park sets, and then we hear Lego has somehow secured the license - Very unusual! No set names have been released yet, but Neoape suggest there will be five different Jurassic World sets.

Another surprise is Elves, which going by the set names seem likely to be aimed at girls, and one might imagine will use the Friends-style minidolls. Neoape list six sets in this new theme:
  • 41071 Aira’s Creative Workshop
  • 41072 Naida’s Spa Secret
  • 41073 Naida’s Adventure Ship
  • 41074 Azari & The Magic Bakery
  • 41075 Treetop Hideaway
  • 41076 Farran & The Crystal Hollow 

    This new car-based theme might be new TV tie-in too, Brick Fantatics seem to think this could be a Top Gear theme. Seven sets are coming, whatever it's called:
    • 75899 LaFerrari
    • 75908 458 Italia GT2
    • 75909 McLaren P1
    • 75910 Porsche 918 Spyder
    • 75911 McLaren Mercedes Pitstop
    • 75912 Porsche 911 GT Finish
    • 75913 F14 & Scuderia Ferrari 

      Continue after the jump for news of other returning and regular themes:

      Friday, August 29, 2014

      Theme Guide: Lego Minifigures, Series 12

      Offiicial images of Series 12 of the Collectable Minifigures are out (via Lego's Facebook page), giving us a good look at all the new characters.

      There are the usual mix of historical, contemporary, and fantastical persons, with a mix of completely new characters, and variations of previous ideas.

      Continue below for a close look at each one the new characters, which will be entering the real world in October.

      Battle Goddess
      • While Lego stubbornly persist in not delivering a full on Greek mythology theme, they have supplied a nice assortment of ancient history characters over the course of the Minifigures range. This might be my new favourite ancient female minifigure - I'll be getting multiplies for that lovely shield alone, but the whole ensemble is pretty cool.

        I'm not generally a fan of the fabric skirts, but I like the interesting geometric design here, and could imagine that being useful for a more contemporary (and indeed other periods) minifigure outfit too. The white plume, previously seen on the Roman Commander in red, also gives some nice new options. In fact every detail of this is just really nice; the printed sandal-toes, the new torso print, new helmet piece, and face with golden lipstick. Lots of potential, both as presented and for parts.

        I could imagine this lady teaming up with the previous Warrior Woman, or maybe being part of the same opera company that the Viking Woman works for.
      Genie Girl
      • A new genie to join her male counterpart from all the way back in Series 6. While our new female genie has an overall blue colour-scheme, like her predecessor, her flesh is yellow, making her a little more versatile; that torso is a belly-dancer waiting to happen.

        The previous lamp part also returns, while the wispy tail gets a bit of sparkle printing to add some extra magic. Note her arms are also the new half coloured variety.

      Wednesday, August 27, 2014

      Lego Batman 3

      The release date for the latest Lego video game, the third based on Batman (and the wider DC Comics universe) was announced today. Coming in November is Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, which takes the Batman adventure into outer space. The snazzy space-cape cover-art was also released today.

      Several trailers have already been released for the game, which demonstrate typical Lego video game humour, and a healthy dose of sci-fi in this super-hero game.

      Continue after the jump for more trailers and details of the game:

      Sunday, August 24, 2014

      Amazing Lego interiors

      Check out these beautiful interior design sets, made by Flickr user Littlehaulic. This first retro modern design really caught my eye, with the vivid blue details and that groovy bubble chair:

      Here are a couple more room designs from Littlehaulic, with some ingenious details. I'm so used to Legoing at minifigure scale or smaller, I often forget a bigger scale can make excellent use of Lego elements, as seen here:

      You can see more of these interiors, and other creative builds from Littlehaulic, in her Flickr gallery.

      Thursday, August 21, 2014

      Another exclusive The Ghost microfighter

      Fan Expo Canada have announced a new exclusive Star Wars Rebels set that will be available at the convention next week. A small version of The Ghost, in a Microfighter-style set will be available, similar to those that have been offered at other conventions - Indeed very similar; it's basically the same set that was offered at the San Diego Comic Con, albeit with Kanan Jarrus minifigure included instead of the droid Chopper.

      There is also a Twitter competition to win copies of the set, though that too is exclusive to Canadian residents.

      Wednesday, August 20, 2014

      The Lonely Mountain set images

      Lego have released the official images for the show-piece The Hobbit set of the year, 79018 The Lonely Mountain. The set, due out in October, features Smaug and sections of the dwarf city within the mountain. Images of the set continue after the jump:

      Sunday, August 17, 2014

      First look at minifigure scale Minecraft sets

      Thanks to a couple of listings appearing on Hemleys' website, we have out first look at the forthcoming minifigure scale Minecraft sets. Hamleys revealed images of 21113 The Cave and 21114 The Farm:

      Owing to the blocky subject matter these sets are of course quite heavy on regular bricks. There are several new parts in the mix too though. We can see two new head pieces, a cubey head for minifigures, also seen as pumpkin here, and a cubey head for animals, which appears to be sort of modified plate, to allow it to be built onto the brick-built bodies. There are also several new accessories; the skeleton's bow-and-arrow looks most interesting to me.

      No doubt there will be more new parts to come as the other sets in the range are revealed in the lead up to release. Four more sets make up the rest of the wave:
      • 21115 The First Night
      • 21116 Creative Box
      • 21117 The Ender Dragon
      • 21118 The Mine

      Thursday, August 14, 2014

      Guardians of the Galaxy designer videos

      Lego have released a couple of designer videos for their Guardians of the Galaxy theme. In this first one we take a look at the biggest set in the range, Peter Quill and the Guardians' ship, the Milano:

      The second video focuses on the minifigures, focusing mainly on the design of Quill's new helmet element: