Thursday, July 9, 2015

Doctor Who comes to Lego Dimensions

A new trailer has been released for Lego Dimensions, and this one features the franchise I am most existed about being included in the game, Doctor Who! The trailer showcases the Lego Doctor, TARDIS, Daleks, Cybermen, Clara Oswald, and every incarnation of the Doctor in Lego form! Plus the usual crossovers with other characters from across the multiverse that only Lego Dimensions can make happen.

Doctor Who will be coming to Lego Dimensions in the form of a Level Pack, some time after the initial release of the game.  UPDATE: And Lego have now revealed there will also be a fun pack, containing a Cyberman minifigure and brick-built Dalek! Images of both packs via Brickset:

Continue below for more images and information:

In addition to the voice of Peter Capaldi featured in the trailer, Entertainment Weekly also recently confirmed Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez will also feature, as Clara Oswald and Missy. They also released this awesome image of The Doctor riding a dinosaur. GameSpot meanwhile report that the interior the TARDIS will apparently change, depending on which Doctor you play as, and when you die the Doctor minifigure will regenerate to the next in the sequence when you respawn!

GameSpot have also released a load of images, including a better look at the Cybermen minifigures briefly seen in the trailer.

And if that isn't enough, here are some screencaped highlights from the trailer too, including all those Doctor minifigures!


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