Friday, January 22, 2016

Amazing sinking Titanic build

Behold a very impressive MOC from The Brickman, the sinking Titanic. Building a minifigure-scale of the Titanic is a pretty impressive construction in itself, but this goes much further, including that startling and physics defying break in the hull, which also gives this model so much more life than it would otherwise have; capturing a second in history.

The build was in fact a joint effort, between Ryan McNaught (aka Brickman), Mitchell Kruik and Clay Mellington. It is made from something like 120,000 bricks, and took more than 250 hours to build. It also has a lighting system ready to create the last flickers of power before the Titanic disappears into the deep. You can see more images, like the detail of the break below, in The Brickman's Flickr gallery.