Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lego's new hospital and mining sets

Eurobricks forum member GRogall has posted high quality images of Lego's summer wave of City sets. These are mostly themed around a gold mine, but we're also getting a new Lego hospital!

The hospital's scale rather lends itself more to being a local clinic, but it must have a specialised trauma facility inside, as it has a helipad for the included air-ambulance! At any rate the neatly designed building is a vast improvement on the previous bizarre mountain-top hospital set. A very nicely detailed doctor joins the Ambulance paramedics and collectable minifigure nurse and surgeon, in the ever growing Lego medical profession; I'd say we're well equipped to make Scrubs in Lego form now. Bonus points to Lego for including a banana for the set's hapless patient to injure himself on.

4429 Hospital

The mining sets meanwhile offer a welcome variation on the regular Lego construction theme, and must be worth getting at least one set so you can get one of the fantastic new headlamp hats (you know, so you can recreate that bit in the amber mine at the start of Jurassic Park). There's also lots of dynamite, boulders, explosion warning signs (though sadly they appear to be stickers), and of course, gold! Surprisingly these will actually bring us the second gold mine of the year, as a small one can be found in one of the forest police sets too (neither come close to the charm of the old Western one though)!

4200 Mining 4x4

4201 Loader and Tipper

4202 Mining Truck

4203 Excavator Transporter

4204 The Mine

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