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Theme Guide: Minecraft minifigure scale sets

Page created 31st August 2014. Last updated 17th November 2014.

Following the successful series of "Microworld" sets based on Minecraft, Lego are expanding their range this year, with larger minifigure scale sets. There are six sets in the range, including various settings from the game, featuring an assortment of Minecraft-style minifigures, animals, and accessories.

Lego and Minecraft and bound by the core concept of building things, and these sets all come not just with a set of instructions for the featured design, but inspiration for other builds too. They are also highly modular, meaning sets can be both easily rearranged within themselves to create different scenes, and connected together to create a large Lego Minecraft world.

The aesthetic of Minecraft is very blocky, which translates well into Lego form, although perhaps ironically makes the sets seem more simple than most modern Lego designs - In many ways these are very pure Lego sets; few embellishments, and lots of basic bricks. Even if you're not familiar with Minecraft there are interesting parts and designs to be found in the range. Continue below for a look at each set - As someone who's never played the game I'll be examining them purely as Lego sets.

UPDATE: Now with lots more images!

21114 The Farm

This outdoor location comes with a pen for keeping the included cow and sheep in, plus a small grassy area, waterfall, and tree. I really like the blocky tree design, and would find that quite acceptable in any Lego environment.

The animals feature a new cube-head brick, and a different cube is used as the head for the included minifigures, as well as the pumpkin.

There are a couple of new Minecraft-styled accessories included, a spade, and a bow and arrow. This also looks like quite a good sets for plant-parts, with several large leafy plants, flower-style studs, and carrot tops (including a few for the first time in a light orange colour).

Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet

21115 The First Night

Green and brown are again dominate colours in this little house set, which hinges open to reveal the interior. This set also has an animal pen, this time holding a pig, while Steve is able to roam free, with his sword or axe, and meet the Creeper.
There's another tree in this set, which this time is part built from transparent-green bricks.

The Creeper is an interesting construction, featuring a single part making it's legs and body, with tiles attacked to bulk it out, and the Minecraft head cube on top. It will be interesting to see if the central component to that has potential for use other than a Creeper body.

Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet.

    21113 The Cave

    Grey takes over as dominant colour in this cave set, which also features a good smattering or orange. There's another Minecraft-accessory here, a pick-axe, plus a printed TNT brick. The minifigures are joined by a blocky-spider this time.

    Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet.

      21118 The Mine

      There's lots going on in this big mine set, which extends from surface trees, following down through a waterfall, and another lava stream too!

      There are lots of minifigures and accessories too, including a Minecraft sword, helmet, and set of chest armour. Another spider is included here as well.

      There look to be some good play features here, with very nice use of tiles to create a mine-cart track, plus an explosion feature to use the TNT to blast rocks.

      Purchase:,,,,,, Forbidden Planet.

        21117 The Ender Dragon

        This rather spartan build has a lot of sandy plates forming the large base. The set includes a light brick, as part of the light-up feature pictured in the central column.

        Oh, and there's a dragon of course! That's joined by another armoured minifigure, and some very tall characters, which have long tiles for arms, built around a tall body piece similar to the Creeper minifigure - Without the Creeper's unusual feet I imagine this tall black part will certainly find other uses.

        Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet.

          21116 Crafting Box

          Finally we have this set which promises eight builds in one, and inspiration for many other models - Minecraft's answer to the Creator range I guess - Building on the construction language used throughout this theme, this set looks like the most fun, offering up ideas for multiple environments, which could also be used to expand on some of the other sets.

          There are a good variety of colours available to build the various locations suggested, plus a few different characters to inhabit them, including a red cow. I particularly like the brick built cactus, using SNOT-plates to give the impression of spikes.

          Purchase:,,,,,,, Forbidden Planet.

            Finally here a couple of images demonstrating how the sets can be built together:

            Image sources: Brickshop via Brickset, Brickverse. UPDATE: Amazon, Lego, Lego Minecraft Facebook page.


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