Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Justice League vs Bizarro League

News of another Lego DC Comics Super Heroes animation has surfaced. Coming early next year is Justice League vs Bizarro League. A post on the forums has revealed the bluray packaging, and the Batzarro minifigure that will be included.

If the trailer is anything to go by, the title might be misleading, as the Justice League and Bizarro League appear to be working side by side against the malicious forces of Darkseid.

UPDATE: ToonBarn have revealed further contents from this release. In addition to the main animation the disc will also included another recent animation, Batman Be-Leaguered (see previous report for a trailer). There will also be a blooper reel, and a featurette exploring Bizarro.

UPDATE 2: Amazon have now put up a listing for this, including another image, showing the full bluray cover (without the minifigure packaging), and the Batzarro minifigure loose. Check it out after the jump:

In other Lego DC Comics news, the latest Batman video game, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, is out now.

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