Thursday, May 28, 2015

Next Lego Ideas set will be A-maze-ing

The latest Lego Ideas review results have been announced, and one new set has been confirmed, the Labyrinth Marble Maze. I think this is a really deserving selection, as the use of Lego to make a maze game is really original application of medium, and is very MOCable; with the potential to modify it with endless alternate maze designs.

Here's the announcement video, which also confirms one of the other projects in this review period, the F7A Hornet from the video game Star Citizen, is still under consideration.

Continue after the jump for a closer look at the successful design, and those that didn't make it through.

Here's a video from the project creator, JK Brickworks, showing the build in action.

What I find most appealing about this project is how much potential it has to spawn alternate builds, as JK Brickworks proposed on the project page with these nautical and castle themed variants. I wonder if the final project will come with instructions for alternate layouts, or a few pages of inspiration for more ambitious builds like these.

This was one of nine projects in the last 2014 review period. Most of the others were very large, and some clashed with existing Lego products. While it would have been unprecedented for Lego Ideas to generate a huge set, I am a bit disappointed the Natural History Museum didn't make it, as I really liked that subject and build. I'm more surprised the piano wasn't selected, as it's a very accessible scale and subject.

The next set of results, from the first 2015 review period, wont be announced until later in the year, and include no less than thirteen projects! I think the Titanic project would have a good shot, if it weren't so darned big. The T-Rex design is the same one that just got rejected in the Jurassic Park project above, could it do better on its own? I guess that depends on Lego's long term plans for the Jurassic World license. Of all of them I think Science Adventures has the best chance, being small and fun, and following the same successful format from 21110 Research Institute (no surprise, as it's designed by the same person). We'll find out they all do later in the year.

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