Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lego Ferrari F40

The latest large scale vehicle model in the Creator Expert line has been revealed, and this time they've moved away from the more retro feel of the previous releases (Mini Cooper, VW Camper, and Beetle) to a more modern classic, in 10248 Ferrari F40.

Bild (via Neoape) took the honour of revealing the set to the world, and also highlighted some of the features of the build, which include a new screen piece with printed angled sides, new hubcaps, pop-up headlights, and an opening back to revealed the detailed engine within, plus a tool-kit in the luggage compartment.

UPDATE: And now the full suite of images has been released (via The Brick Fan), plus the designer video, continue below to scrutinise every detail of the model:

Lego have a long history of making Ferrari sets, starting in the nineties, right through to several sets in this year's Speed Champions theme. Over the years they have released several other larger scale Ferrari car sets, including 8156 Ferrari FXX, 8143 Ferrari F430 Challenge, 8671 Ferrari 430 Spider, 8652 Enzo Ferrari.

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