Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mini Shop Series in the Cuusoo review

The latest Cuusoo project to pass the 10,000 supporters mark and get into the review waiting listing is the Mini Shop Series. This project cunningly drew upon multiple fan groups by featuring small versions of several well know shops.

Should the idea get through the review stage I guess the question is, which shop will be chosen to be made into an actual set? I'm sure the comments left by the 10,000 supporters will help Lego here; if 50% of them went for one particular brand, then obviously that drove support for the project overall. There will also undoubtedly be consideration for which shops best fit the Lego brand. And of course they would have to see which brands actually want to work with Lego.

The obvious easy one for Lego to arrange, and one that undoubtedly fits with the Lego brand, is their own Lego shop. They have already done this, at micro-scale, as a promo set for when a few new shops have opened. I'm sure a minifigure scale version would be very popular though, as would making it more widely available!

The next most likely option to me would seem to be McDonald's. Lego have previously done promotions with McDonald's, so their may be an ongoing relationship they can draw upon. In fact they have already done a McDonald's branch, as another promo set, back in 1999.

Of the remaining four I think Apple or Starbucks have good chances, as they are global brands. Although both seem a little adult to me. The last two, Dunkin Donuts and 7 Eleven both strike me as more specifically American, which would mean limiting the potential market of the set.

One other thing to consider is the purpose of Cuusoo in the first place. The aim is to expand Lego's markets, to tap into new groups of customers. So with that in mind would the obvious and easier routes like Lego and McDonald's be the ones Lego wishes to pursue? I guess we'll find out a few months down the line when we get the review results for this project.

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