Monday, April 8, 2013

Cuusoo: Indiana Jones map room

Check out this brilliant new Cuusoo project, Indiana Jones and the Map Room at Tanis. An excellent selection for a set; neatly combining the minifigure scale with the micro-scale, as well as being one of the best moments in Raiders of the Lost Ark, not least due to the especially stirring bit of soundtrack over the scene. It's a long way from the required 10,000 supports at the moment, so make sure to add your name:

Indiana Jones fans might also like one of my all time favourite Cuusoo projects, the brilliant "Majestic Airship". It uses a very neat technic structure for the balloon, with a skin attached around it to finish of the look. Would be a great set, and is slowly crawling the level of supporters it needs, so please add yourself to that number!

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