Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a kraken MOC

One of my favourite things to do with a new Lego set is to modify it; tweak and/or improve the design, swap out colours or parts for things I think look better, expand it, or build an environment around it. Iain Heath has gone to town with that sort of idea, taking the big grey wedge that is 10221 Super Star Destroyer, and adding a big red cephalopod to devour it!

Here's the nice in-universe story explaining this alien attack:
A rare species of Space Kraken, known to exist only in the vast Dreighton Nebula, were sought out using the the Jedi's most powerful clairvoyants, and brought under the Alliance's control by flying super-computers directly into their brains. Many brave Ewok pilots were unwillingly sacrificed to accomplish this difficult task. Far from being cruel to the Kraken, this arrangement was completely symbiotic, as the creatures had evolved to prey on starships, their diet being composed entirely of metals such as quadanium steel.
I love the details in this; the hull plating being bent back, the little big of engine tumbling away, and the noble Star Destroyer making a last ditch effort to save the day by ramming into the mega-octopus. This beautiful creation now lives at Heath's place of work, for all his lucky colleges to enjoy. Here it is on display:

You can see a few more photos in Heath's Flickr gallery.

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