Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Architecture round up

A few bits and pieces relating to the Architecture line to enjoy. The next set in the series is due out next month, and to celebrate the mini-version of the United Nations Headquarters, a huge version of the set has been built, with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon adding the final part. Lego posted the following image of the giant version on Facebook, along with a few other photos showing dignitaries enjoy the building:

And here are some images of the real 21018 United Nations Headquarters set. Despite not having the most exciting architecture to base the set on, I think this has translated into Lego beautifully; there are some really clever building techniques here, which I think makes this one of the best Architecture sets so far.

The most recent Architecture set was also quite an interesting one, continue after the jump for a look at that, as well as the latest excellent Architecture project from Cuusoo.

Released a couple of months ago at special Architecture events and on the US Lego shop, was 21050 Architecture Studio. A unique set in the architecture range, the studio consists of lots of white parts (and a few clear ones too), and no instructions, with the idea being you exercise your own creativity using the neutral pallet to build architectural forms.

The set isn't completely without inspiration, it comes with 272-page book, with contributions by several architects, looking at designing buildings, and using Lego to do it. On its own this looks like quite an interesting book, and thus makes the big white parts-pack rather more appealing. Here are a few sample pages (via The Wheat and the Chaff):

Finally, here's the latest Architecture inspired Cuusoo project I think deserves some love: A tiny version of the Angel of the North. This happens to be perhaps the best known piece by one of my favourite artists, Antony Gormley, but aside from that I think it's a really nice little build, particularly in the landscaping; the printed path on the dish element is ingenious, as are the assorted tiny trees. It's got a long journey to ten-thousand supporters to be considered for production, so please do go and add your support.


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