Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sherlock under Cuusoo review

Another Cuusoo project has got to the review stage, this time based on the brilliant BBC series Sherlock. The Sherlock project has zoomed to the ten-thousand mark in less than a month thanks to enthusiastic support from fans of the show.

As initially conceived the set would recreate Sherlock Holmes' consulting room in 221B Baker Street, complete with some impressively designed furniture (the small table I especially admire):

An expanded version of this idea has also been proposed, offered a bigger section of Sherlock's flat, and display case assemblage:

The designer has also posted minifigure designs for the series' major characters, though anticipates the smaller format set would come with Holmes, Watson, and maybe one other character.

While I admired this proposal from the first day it was posted, I never took the opportunity to support it, as I don't feel it has a very good chance of getting past the review; I just can't see Lego oking a series which is very much targeted at an adult audience. But I'd love to be proven wrong, so look forward to the outcome of this review!


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