Monday, September 2, 2013

Pirates return!

...a little bit at least: A new minifigure pack has been released, so far available at Legoland in California. It uses the same style packaging as the Collectable Minifigure combi-packs, but draws more from the Pirates line than the Minifigures (which have only featured one pirate so far). Unlike those previous three-figure sets, the new pirates pack comes with four minifigures, and as a result has less other stuff to build; just a chest of treasure and a bit of greenery. Flickr user Miro78 posted this photo, along with many more showing off every element in the pack.

Hopefully Pirates will return in full force soon, it's been five years since the last wave of Pirates sets, although the the Pirates of the Caribbean sets have been and gone since, so it's not been forever since we've had a good dose of high sea adventure in the Lego world.

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