Thursday, August 7, 2014

Behold, the new face of Kong

I've been working on improving my King Kong model (and Lego Ideas project) recently, and saved the trickiest bit for last, his face. I quite liked the old face, but felt it was very much an impressionistic take on a gorilla, lacking the character of Kong. The detail of the brow was also all wrong, set back from the eyes, rather than above them.

I went through many iterations of the mark II face; struggling to get the details and proportions to work, but have finally landed on what you see here, which ended up not retaining any of the details of the mark I face. I hope the new face comes across as more expressive, emotive and characterful. Much of this comes from the use of the new printed eyes from the Mixels sets, which are maybe a little more cartoony than is ideal - If this ever did get made into a set I would hope new printed eyes that are more gorilla-esque might be created. For now these eyes will do though. The brow design also means they can move, which gives Kong some different expressions.

More images after the jump:

While I continue to reference both the the 1933 and 2005 Kong for this model, the new face is much closer to the proportions of the 1933 version.

I've finished re-modelling Kong (for now), so next up, its time to build some dinosaurs!

If you like Kong, please head over to Lego Ideas and add your support to the project. If he gets ten-thousands supports, Lego will consider making him into an actual Lego set!

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