Sunday, August 10, 2014

DC Comics Lego variant covers

Justice League #36
To promote the release of the latest Lego video game, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, DC Comics will be releasing a collection of Lego themed comic cover variants in November. Twenty-three different covers will featuring Lego minifigure versions of various DC characters bursting out of the cover - A homage to The New 52 #0 issues from 2012. Here they all are (continuing after the jump):

Batman/Superman #16
Batman #36
Action Comics #36
Aquaman #36
Batgirl #36
Batman and Robin #36
Catwoman #36
Detective Comics #36
Flash #36
Harley Quinn #12
Grayson #4
Green Lantern #36
Green Lantern Corps #36
Justice League United #6
Justice League Dark #36
New Teen Titans #4
Sinestro #7
Supergirl #36
Superman #36
Superman/Wonder Woman #13
Wonder Woman #36

Lego and DC sprinkled these around various geeky weebsites. The sources for the above images are: Lego Batman Twitter, DC Comics Twitter, Comic Book Resources, Nerdist, USA Today, Polygon, Ain't It Cool News, Entertainment Weekly, Game Informer, Comic Vine, Newsarama, IGN, Buzzfeed, Hero Complex, The Escapist, and Hit Fix,

As noted in Polygon's report, this is just the latest in DC Comics' year of themed variants. Other themed months this year have or will include steampunk, selfies, 3-D motion effect covers, and monsters.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is due out alongside all these comics, in November.

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