Sunday, August 17, 2014

First look at minifigure scale Minecraft sets

Thanks to a couple of listings appearing on Hemleys' website, we have out first look at the forthcoming minifigure scale Minecraft sets. Hamleys revealed images of 21113 The Cave and 21114 The Farm:

Owing to the blocky subject matter these sets are of course quite heavy on regular bricks. There are several new parts in the mix too though. We can see two new head pieces, a cubey head for minifigures, also seen as pumpkin here, and a cubey head for animals, which appears to be sort of modified plate, to allow it to be built onto the brick-built bodies. There are also several new accessories; the skeleton's bow-and-arrow looks most interesting to me.

No doubt there will be more new parts to come as the other sets in the range are revealed in the lead up to release. Four more sets make up the rest of the wave:
  • 21115 The First Night
  • 21116 Creative Box
  • 21117 The Ender Dragon
  • 21118 The Mine


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