Saturday, September 6, 2014

Helicarrier gets to Ideas review

The first project in the new review period on Lego Ideas has hit the ten-thousand supporters mark. That project is the Avengers Helicarrier, a ginormous rendition of the flying aircraft carrier from the Marvel cinematic universe. The new review period doesn't close until the new year, so it will be some time until we hear how it fares.

As originally submitted the model would have been over twenty-two-thousand pieces and more than two meters long! At the five-thousand supporter mark Lego Ideas recommended a more realistic build size, so the creator, YoSub Joo, redesigned to a mere six-thousand-seven-hundred piece design at a bit over a meter long - To put that in context, the biggest set by piece-count ever was 10189 Taj Mahal, and that was just short of six-thousand parts!

At both scales the proposed model is very impressive, and would certainly make a nice UCS style set. I imagine the Marvel brand is popular enough that such a set might sell. So I guess the question is, has Lego already considered making it, outside of Ideas?

Continue after the jump for more images of both versions of the model:

Here are a couple more views of the small scale version:

And here is the original model:

You can see many more images, including closer images of details, on YoSub Joo's Flickr.

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