Monday, September 1, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope gets to Lego Ideas review

One more Lego ideas project has made it too the review stage, just in time to make it into the latest review period, which has just closed tonight. The Hubble Space Telescope is one of eight projects that will now be considered for production as a real Lego set.

The space telescope project is for a minifigure scale version of one of the most well known and influential spacecraft in the skies. Given Lego Ideas has already given us the Hayabusa and Curiosity Rover as sets, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of another space science project getting through the review - Especially as it's such an iconic subject, and so perfectly timed for Hubble's twenty-fifth birthday next year.

Pictured above is the first version of Gabriel Russo's proposed model, while below is the more recent update of the model, which has a smoother finish, and is a bit smaller too. Even if Lego made is smaller still (it's quite big as proposed), if they went for the metallic finished of the latter version of the model, that would be a very tempting set for parts alone!

Continue after the jump for a reminder of the other projects that will be considered in this review period:

All the other projects in the next review are for licensed properties, and conveniently all from franchises or companies Lego already work with, which gets over one hurdle. However in most cases I think this reduces the chances of anything coming from these projects, as most of the ideas proposed have probably already been considered by Lego for sets in their ongoing ranges and either done (or will be done in due course), or rejected. So in order of what I think will most likely get through review:


The little robot from the eponymous film - I think this project is very likely to be produced. It's a great model of a popular character from a popular film, designed by one of the animators from the film no less. Lego have not done WALL•E sets before, but have already produced sets from various other Disney/Pixar films.

There are three Star Wars projects in this review, but this is the only one I think has a chance. The project proposes Lego built full size recreations of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker's lightsabers. Lego have never done a brick-built prop, so I think the originality of the idea gives it an edge. Assuming Lego think the idea is good, the only hurdle I can think of is a possible licensing conflict with other companies that make Star Wars props.

Ghostbusters HQ

There is one Ghostbusters Lego set, the previous Ideas set, the ECTO-1 car. If that has been successful for Lego I would imagine they are already considering follow-ups on their own, and will have either decided a HQ is a pass or a fail - So no input from this Ideas project required.

The other four projects are all also very large sets based on Star Wars (Invisible Hand and UCS AT-AT), Batman (Assault on Wayne Manor), and X-Men (X-Mansion). All very active lines with Lego, so again I would imagine the proposed subjects have already been consider by Lego and long since rejected or put on a to-do list.

King Kong project on Lego Ideas

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