Saturday, September 13, 2014

New seasonal sets

Lego have several new seasonal sets on the way, and some out now, ready for the forthcoming autumn and winter festivities. Here's a look at the various holiday sets:

First up there's a new brick-built reindeer, with two Christmas presents, in set 40092. This set continues a range of seasonal sets this year which feature brick-built animals paired with some sort of accessory, following the Valentines bear (40085) and Easter bunny (40086) earlier this year, and other sets you'll see down page.

And even longer running seasonal range is Lego's series of Christmas tree baubles. Each one contains miniature Lego build, held within a bespoke Lego ball. At least two new designs are coming this year, a cat and log cabin:

Continue after the jump for more Christmas sets, plus Halloween and Thanksgiving builds:

In October another Christmas set will be available, for free, with purchases over $99 at Lego shops. The first of two seasonal promo sets, 40106 features two elves at work making toys, a perfect complimentary set to the larger 10245 Santa's Workshop.

Finally for Christmas, and out already, is a new decorative minifgure set. Following the format of similar previous releases, the Santa set includes two minifigures standing on a large baseplate, with a decorative cardboard arch above them.

Another of these minifigure sets has been released with a Halloween theme, although in place of a second minifigure there is a coffin for the vampire:

Also out for Halloween is another of those brick-built animal sets. 40090 Halloween Bat comes coupled with a pumpkin:

And finally, come Thanksgiving, the series will also include 40091 Thanksgiving Turkey, complete with a pilgrim's hat:

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