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Theme Guide: DC Comics Super Heroes (2015)

Page created 5th October 2014. Last updated 28th December 2014.

For the 2015 wave of DC Super Heroes Lego sets, the Justice League is being allowed a bit more into the spotlight, and although Batman (who has dominated the DC Super Heroes range so far) still features in three of the four regular retail sets, there is more space for other characters and not-bat-vehicles.

Four sets include a new "super jumper" part, which appears to be there to allow you to launch Batman, Superman, or whoever else you like, into flight.

Check out all the sets below. UPDATE: Extra sets and images below:

76028 Darkseid Invasion

As is quite typical of this wave of releases, this set features quite a varied assortment of characters (aesthetically at least, I've no idea about their in-universe affiliations), with the most eye-catching to me being Hawkman, whose feathery wings and winged-helmet I can see have some nice fantastical applications beyond the super-hero realm.

The centrepiece of the set is a big rather oddly proportioned jet, which seems to be facing off against what is basically a hovering turret.


    76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike

    This underwater set features Aquaman, although Batman has swooped in to take all the glory with his Bat-sub.

    The Black Manta (a very cool looking minifigure) also has a submarine, and his is appropriately ray-shaped - In colour and form it's rather reminiscent of the old Alpha Team set, 4788 Ogel Mutant Ray, although this version is a significant improvement on the concept!

    Also featured is a nice little underwater temple ruin. But most exciting to me is the laser and/or torpedo armed shark! As best I can tell there has only ever been one black shark before, a black swordfish at least, in another Alpha Team set, 4789 Alpha Team Aquatic Mech. Of course this new set will be using the more recent version of the shark body, and alas the head piece isn't black, which gives the rather odd impression the shark is wearing a wetsuit.


      76026 Gorilla Grodd goes Bananas

      This set looks a bit of a jumble to me, but in this case a fun jumble. The titular star of the set if the big-fig Gorilla Grodd, who could also make a nice King Kong! He has a charming little three-wheeled van with a crate full of bananas to attack.

      There's also Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Quite a small jet, but still an exciting collection of clear parts.

      Unfortunately the largest part of the set is a bit ugly I feel; the Bat-mech seems very oddly proportioned.


        76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro

        Then we have the Green Lantern ship, which also features some nice transparent parts, although this time in green (of course). Also featured here are Sinestro, and a very cool looking Space-Batman!


        76040 Brainiac Attack

        A more limited edition release, this set features a gloriously retro-styled, flying saucer-like vehicle, except it's not flying, but walking on tentacles. Loose the skull at the front (and half the legs), and this could have walked straight out of War of the Worlds, particularly as it's armed with some sort of ray-gun.

        Brainiac faces off against another jumble of super-heroes, ready to repel his attack.


        30303 The Joker Bumper Car

        And finally a little polybag set, featuring The Joker. As the name suggests, the mode of transport of choice here is a bumper car, and very nice rendition of that vehicle it is too.

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