Monday, December 29, 2014

Lego in the mood for love this Valentine's Day

New images of two romantically themed sets have appeared, continue below to check them out.

Lego have revealed their 2014 Valentine's Day set,  40120 (so far unnamed), which is a little minifigure marriage proposal scene; a window-side table at a restaurant, with a heart-topped bottle of something and a ludicrously scaled box to contain the ring. The set was discovered on the Lego image archive by Brickset.

Meanwhile there's a hint of love in the latest Friends polybag set, which Neoape found listed on the Toys'r'us website. 30204 Wishing Fountain doesn't depict a romantic scene, but the titular fountain is heart shaped, with another decorative heart at its center. Perhaps the roller-skating minidoll included will be wishing for love.


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