Monday, July 22, 2013

Meet the Mixels

Lego have launched a teaser site for a new range due next March: Mixels will be a new Cartoon Network series, with associated Lego toys.

UPDATE: Lego have now put out a press release detailing the new theme. Mixels have been co-designed by Lego designers and Cartoon Network animators from the bottom up, to create a new TV and play collaboration, which will also extend to an interactive game, books, and other merchandise. The Lego sets will be released in three waves over the course of 2014. The series will embrace the buildability of the Lego toys:
...the colorful Mixels creatures that can mix and combine with one another in creative and unpredictable storylines.
It appears Lego are aiming to make these accessable to child-collecotrs too, with the entire range consiting of small lower-priced sets. You can read the full press release, here. And here's the teaser image from the website, which highlights the use of some really nice new elements, or elements in new colours:

UPDATE: Lego have released photos of each of the characters, giving a great look at all the lovely parts they contain; the new ball-joints should be especially interesting:

Each character will be it's own set. Flickr user Allen Tran posted a photo of a display of these first three sets at the San Diego Comic Con. You can see the cartoon versions of each character on the boxes behind.

The sets pictured are 41508 Volectro Electroids, 41500 Flain Infernites, and 41504 Seismo Cragsters. Each character is based on natural elements, these three appear to be something like electricity, fire, and geology. The characters so far look kind of fun to me, but more exciting is the parts selection they offer; I look forward to seeing what other characters are in the range.

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