Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cuusoo: Burj Al Arab

I really like the idea of the Architecture series, but so far I've found most of the sets don't excite me; either because they're buildings I don't like, Lego interpretations that I don't feel have worked that well, or they just come out looking a bit too simplified or plain dull. The latest Architecture proposal on Cuusoo has managed to avoid all those problems! Srezkall's rendition of the Burj Al Arab, the iconic hotel in Dubai, takes a subject that could be difficult to render in Lego, and captures it perfectly. It's refreshingly bright and colourful for an Architecture set too, with that lovely sea of transparent blue tiles for the base really setting it apart from other sets.

Isn't it exquisite? I hope you agree and give your support to the Cuusoo project, it's got a long way to get to ten thousand!

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