Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cuusoo: World Map

Here's an excellent example of Cuusoo innovation: A brilliant proposal for a Lego world map, designed with the intention of it being hung on the wall. Lego have occasionally released mosaic-type sets, experimenting in using Lego as a two-dimensional or low relief medium, but this idea goes a little further, as it's not just a pretty picture of the world: Making it out of Lego gives it instant functionality, with the possibility of being able to add Lego plates or tiles as markers on the map (like pins on a normal map) to keep track of your travels, or fantasy expeditions. The proposal also suggests it could come with a set of tiles printed with national flags, which of course you could stick on in the appropriate places (could be quite a fun geography game in that).

At the proposed scale it would be a huge set, requiring multiple base-plates, especially if you made it large enough to include flags of the world, even on 1x2 tiles. But it would surely be worth it for the impact and fun you could have. After all you needn't stop with flags and markers, you could build micro-scale landmarks, or stick on your favourite national-dress minifigures. Great fun! It's still more than nine-and-a-half-thousand supports short of Cuusoo review though, so go and support it!

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