Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First details of The Lego Movie sets, video game, books, and other merchandise

Coming Soon has announced details of Lego's merchandising plans surrounding the release of The Lego Movie next year. Those plans of course include the release of a range of Lego sets based on the film. Seventeen sets are planned, which will take full advantage of the diverse Lego universe featured in the film, including City, Western, and Space settings. One image has been released, showing a set featuring the exotic motor bike seen in the trailer, apparently being chased by what looks like robotic police:

In addition to the sets one series of the Collectable Miifigures will be turned over to the film. The usual assortment of sixteen characters will include new and "new-again" minifigures, presumably meaning some of the vintage Lego designs seen in the film will be getting new life as minifigure releases.

As well as sets there will be a new Lego video game based on the film. Due to be released for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC, 3DS and PS Vita, the game will feature fifteen levels and ninety characters, allowing us to use building skills to play through the events of the movie. Comicbook.com posted this teaser poster for the game, featuring the same moment in the story as the above Lego set:

Meanwhile Video Gamer posted screencaps, showing events in the City and Western settings. Continue after the jump to see those, and for details of other merchandise:

Coming Soon also detailed a plethora of other tie-in products, as one would expect alongside any big childrens' film. Many of Lego's usual partners are involved. We can look forward to:
  • Novels, sticker books, activity books and movie guides from Scholastic, Penguin, Ameet and DK Publishing.
  • Various clothing including:
    • T-shirts from Mad Engine, Isaac Morris, Kabooki, TV Mania and Casco Blu.
    • Hoodies from TV Mania.
    • Pajamas from SGI Apparel, TV Mania and Kabooki.
    • Undergarments from Handcraft Mfg. and Kabooki.
  • Bags, backpacks and cinch bags from Carry Gear and Grown Up.
  • Clocks and buildable watches from Clic Time.
  • Stationery, including notebooks, journals, folders, pens, pencils and pencil cases, erasers, rulers and luggage/bag tags from MZB Imagination and Funtastic.
  • Lego minifigure keychain torches from IQ HK.
  • Lunchboxes, lunch sets, drinking bottles and storage and sorting boxes from ROOM Copenhagen.
Amazon already has listings for two of the books: Scholastic's The LEGO Movie: Guidebook, and The LEGO Movie: Activity Book, the latter of the two apparently comes with a minifigure. Both are using the same generic blurb for the film, which does provide some new information on the identities of the characters in the film:
The first ever LEGO(R) movie hits the big screen February 7, 2014! This animated, family-friendly movie has an all-star voice cast.

Written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), The LEGO(R) Movie is a hilarious adventure that takes place in a world made entirely from LEGO bricks. Emmet, an ordinary LEGO Minifigure, is mistakenly thought to be an extraordinary Master Builder and he is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant (Lord Business) from gluing the universe together, thus destroying creativity. Now Emmet and his friend Lucy need to go on a quest through various LEGO lands to save the world.

The movie is being produced and distributed in conjunction with Warner Bros and has an all-star cast including Chris Pratt (Emmet), Will Ferrell (Lord Business), Elizabeth Banks (Lucy), Liam Neeson (Bad Cop), Allison Brie (Uni Kitty), Nick Offerman (Pirate), Morgan Freeman (Wizard), Will Arnett (Batman), and more!
One other bit of The Lego Movie news, Digital Spy posted this Comic Con poster for the film, featuring Emmet, and his pokey-out bit of hair:

If you've not seen it yet, check out my previous post with the trailers for the film, including lots of screencaps to scrutinise the details of this new corner of the Lego universe.

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