Tuesday, August 20, 2013

King Kong gets his first 100 supporters

Huzzah! My King Kong Lego Cuusoo project has passed the first one-hundred supporters milestone. Just nine-thousand-nine-hundred to go!

To celebrate I thought I'd reward Kong with one of his favourite snacks, a delicious Skull Islander - I'm endeavouring to emulate the cut-to-giant-head Kong shots from the 1933 version here:

If you're curious, I thought it might be an interesting scale comparison to see Kong alongside the Delorean set. His torso is about the same size as the car, so it would be a larger set with all his limbs too:

If you haven't already, please make your way to Cuusoo and support the project, so hopefully Kong can join the the Delorean as a real Lego set!


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