Monday, August 19, 2013

Next into the Cuusoo review: A pink rabbit with a robot...

The latest project to pass the ten-thousand mark and enter the Cuusoo review queue is Poptropica: Dr. Hare's Lair. Another proposal backed by an enthusiastic gaming fanbase, the set idea is for a lab-type setting featuring a giant rabbit robot, and the pink bunny-suit wearing character Dr Hare. I've never heard of Poptropica before, but it evidently has enough of a following to get the project backed, and indeed already has a variety of merchandise available, which would seem to give a bit more credibility to the saleability of a set. The proposed set design seems quite reasonable in scale, and seeing it purely as a potential set looks like quite a nice design; featuring location elements and a big robot, plus a unique and quirky minifigure:

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this, is how it got the support. Not just taping into the fanbase, the creators of the game and the set (one in the same), were very activity encouraging, and incentivising fans of the game, by offering in-game bonuses as the project passed various supporter milestones. Check out their blog to see all the effort they put into promoting the proposal. Having reached the end, they've now released a little celebratory video, featuring an animated version of the set:

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