Friday, August 2, 2013

FTL reaches Cuusoo review

Another Cuusoo project has passed the ten-thousand supporters mark, and thus is now in the queue for Lego's review, to determine whether it has what it takes to become a real Lego set. Once again a video-game community has amassed to get the required supporters, this time with a proposal based on the game Faster Than Light. The final suggestion for the Cuusoo project is a set of three mini-ship models, although the creators floated many other ship designs before settling on this selection.

I'd not heard of FTL before, as far as I can gather the game focuses on maintaining a ship's operations by looking after all your systems, rather than focusing on shooty space battles. At a glance that would at least seem to be child-friendly enough for Lego. I can't really say the proposed set excites me all that much though, the ship on the right looks kind of neat, but not so much that I'd want to get a set to have one. The scale at least seems quite reasonable, and probably quite fun too, having a bunch of little starships to swoosh about.

FTL will be in the autumn review, alongside the female minifigures project and the ATLAS detector, as well as any other projects that get the required supporters in time. Before we hear anything about those though, we still have the outcome of nine other projects to hear about waiting in the winter, spring, and summer review piles!

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