Saturday, July 5, 2014

Exo-suit revealed

Lego have released a short animation to reveal the next Lego Ideas set, 21109 Exo-Suit. Have a watch:

The final set will include not just the suit, but two classic Lego spacemen (a man and a woman in fact), for the first time in green, and a small robot companion for them. Brickset came across the box art for the set:

As you can see, the final set has maintained the overall character of the originally proposed design, but added in more robust joints, and slightly different detailing.

UPDATE: Brickset posted a comparison image of the originally proposed design and final set, which is also the best image yet of the set:

In the past couple of days, the original project designer, Peter Reid, has been posting teaser images leading up to the reveal. You can find all those on his Flickr account, and a couple of my favourites after the jump, as well as screencaps from the above video to get a better look at the final design.

The set is due to be released in August.

Here are a couple of my favourite teaser images:

And here are those screencaps:

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