Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ideas: Tropical Beach Hut

Here's a cracking little new project from Lego Ideas, a Tropical Beach Hut. The proposed set is bursting with quirky details, such as using ores as railings, and a wall of bars to make the front of the bar on the building. It's also packed with wildlife, with loads of animals and lovely dense foliage. The set makes excellent use of some of the parts from recent Friends sets, to add lots of tropical fruit and lovely bright colours to a well-worn and well-loved little beach retreat. I think this would make a great set, so I hope you'll join me in supporting it too.

More photos after the jump:

You can see more photos of the model on Miro78's Flickr, but don't forget to visit the project page on Ideas too, to add your support.

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  1. Thank you for your nice blog post and your rally for support. Very much appreciated. I am currently working on a design to allow for the hut to open up for easier access to the interior. I will post pictures in the Update section of the project page once available.