Monday, July 21, 2014

UCS Tumbler revealed

Lego have announced, via USA Today, a new Batman UCS set, 76023 The Tumbler. The 1,869 piece set will be on sale from September. USA Today gave the following description:
Measuring 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide, the LEGO Tumbler has an armored exterior, adjustable wings, a detailed interior (with a console screen that reads "INTIMIDATE") and oversized rubber-tread tires. It also comes with a fact sheet about the vehicle from the movies.
To satisfy minifigure collectors, the set will also include Batman and Joker minifigures. This will be the first UCS release since the launch of Lego's Super Heroes range, the multi-franchise spanning theme based on both DC and Marvel properties - Although it is preceded by the earlier stand-alone Batman theme, which included a UCS Batmobile.

UPDATE: Lego have now posted the designer video for the set:

Continue after the jump for more images. UPDATE: The set is now up on the Lego shop, which means high res pictures now available too:

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