Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lego's Comic Con exclusive sets

Lego have announced several different sets which are available exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con this week. There will also be a number of minifigures that will on offer in a raffles throughout the event, or for those not attending, via a twitter raffle (follow @LEGO_Group for that).

There will be three sets on offer, all are limited to just a thousand copies each. The most eye-catching (even for someone who isn't especially excited by Batman or cars), is the classic TV batmobile, which comes with Batman and Robin. It must be agonising for Batman fans that this fun little car will be such a rarity. (Images via FBTB)

To celebrate the launch of Star Wars Rebels there will be a mini-version of the hero-ship, the Ghost. Like previous exclusives, and the Micro-fighter range, the ship will house an out-of scale minifigure too, in this case the new short astromech droid, Chopper. (Image via

Finally, as I've previously reported separately, there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy set. Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird. (Image via Wall Street Journal)

On top of the sets, four minifigures, to be available via raffle, have also been announced. They are:
You can check out the minifigures after the jump:

Minifigure images via Yahoo Movies Twitter, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo Movies, and Awesome Toy Blog.

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